Willow House

Calling the helpline  01481 22 77 00

The Willow House helpline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are charged at your normal landline costs - please let us know if you would like us to call you back. When you call the helpline, you will hear a short explanation of our commitment to confidentiality:

"Thank you for calling Willow House.  I can imagine this was a difficult call to make and we understand Guernsey is a small place we want to talk you through a few things before you speak to one of our team.

We’re a Sexual Assault Referral Centre which means we support victims where something has happened of sexual nature that you did not want to happen. We will need to ask you some sensitive information to understand how we can help and give you your options.

We are a confidential service however if you ever decide to report what has happened to the police, we will need to pass on any information you give us. If we are worried about you or believe anyone else is in danger, we would also need to pass this on.

You will now speak to one of our trained team who can provide you with information on the support available to you. "

You will then be connected to one of our trained team who can provide you with information on the support available to you.  If you recognise the person you are speaking to, the team are very happy to talk to you about your options if you would like to be supported by someone else.  We understand that Guernsey is small and will strive to make you feel in control and comfortable at all times.

Forensic Medical Examination

If you are invited for a Forensic Medical Examination we will give you a time to arrive at Willow House and support you with how you will get here.  
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You will be greeted by one of our specially trained Crisis Workers, who will welcome you to the SARC. Our Crisis Worker is there to support you. If you are attending Willow House for a Forensic Medical Examination, they will explain what is going to happen and make sure you understand. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.  The Crisis Worker will be wearing scrubs which might feel strange but it is to ensure you get the best possible outcome.  

If you attend without the police, our Sexual Offence Examiner will talk to you about what has happened. If the Police have attended SARC with you, our Sexual Offence Examiner will meet with the Police Officer, who will give them an account of the assault.  This helps them consider what samples to take during the Forensic Medical Examination, as well as determine what other medical needs you may have.  When you are ready, the Nurse or Doctor will invite you into the Forensic Medical Room where the examination will take place. The purpose of the Forensic Medical Examination is to gather evidence that can be used in a Police investigation.  

You are in control.

You can take breaks, skip a step or stop the consultation or examination at any time. Your Crisis Worker will stay by your side throughout the examination.

The details of the Forensic Medical Examination will partly depend upon how much time has passed since your assault. Once the examination is complete, you will have the chance to shower and change into fresh clothing. We have shower facilities and toiletries on site.

Your Crisis Worker will talk to you about the aftercare services offered as well as other local support agencies.

The examiner will complete all of their records. If any forensic samples were taken these will either be stored by Willow House or handed over to the police officer. If you have not involved the Police then your samples will remain with us for 2 years.  We do not process any samples and this is only done by the Police.