Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Willow House Sexual Assault Referral Centre is a service in the Bailiwick offering free emotional and practical support as well as forensic medical to anyone who has experienced rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse.

Clients are offered our services based on their individual needs, and can choose to use as much or as little of our service as they wish. Clients can access our services immediately after an assault or can contact us for a support many years after an assault may have occurred.

Our clients can access Willow House as a self-referral, via the Police and through other professionals. To self-refer, clients can contact the SARC directly to arrange an appointment without Police involvement.We also offer information and support to friends and family. Willow House sits within the Committee for Home Affairs for the States of Guernsey.  

Willow House operates separately from Guernsey Police although we work closely with police colleagues with the joint ambition to provide the best possible support to victims or sexual assault.

Crisis Workers

If you call us, or attend Willow House in person, the first person you will speak to, or meet, will be a specially trained Crisis Worker.

They will listen to you, explain your options and discuss what support they can arrange for you.  If you come to Willow House for a Forensic Medical Examination, the Crisis Worker will support you whilst you are here. They will remain by your side and will ensure that when you leave Willow House, all necessary support is in place.

Sexual Offence Examiners

All of our Sexual Offence Examiners are trained in caring for people who have experienced sexual violence or sexual abuse.They will provide care and support to meet your immediate health and wellbeing needs.

They will also be able to collect evidence that can assist a Police investigation, should you choose to go ahead with a Forensic Medical Examination.  If you choose to have a Medical Examination, the examiner will explain exactly what to expect and will ensure that you are informed, and in control, every step of the way.  Nothing will happen unless you give consent.  You can change your mind at any stage and still access support in other ways.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs)

ISVAs provide specialist support to victims and survivors of sexual violence. An ISVA is an adviser who works with people who have experienced rape and sexual assault.

ISVAs provide impartial information to the victim/survivor about all of their options. This could be reporting to the police, accessing Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) services, and specialist support such as sexual violence counselling. ISVAs also provide information on other services that survivors may require, for example health and social care, housing, or benefits.