I don’t really remember what happened, can you still offer support?

If you believe something has happened to you, that you did not want, we will support you. Sexual
Assault is never your fault and if you don’t remember because you had alcohol or substances or
because you were asleep, you did not consent.

Can I bring someone with me for the examination?

Yes, if you’d like to bring someone with you to Willow House, they can come with you. If you are self-referring, we will ask them to wait downstairs or go for a coffee while the examination takes
place. We will call them as soon as you’re done.

I’m in a relationship with the person who assaulted me, can I still get support?

We know that rape and sexual assault happens in relationships, marriages and in lots of different settings. We will provide you with exactly the same care and talk to you about what additional support you might chose to access from services like Safer.

I don’t want to involve the police right now

We know it can feel overwhelming making decisions after an assault. By contacting us, you do not need to report to the police. You will still be able to have a forensic medical examination which means we can capture and store any evidence should you eventually decide to report the crime to the police.

I’m not sure I want a forensic examination

Our team will explain to you all your options. You can chose to have a full examination, part of an examination or no examination at all. You are in control and will still be able to access all the emotional and follow up support.

This happened a really long time ago, are you the right service?

Willow House can offer you information and support on what services are available to you. We can also talk to you about your options should you wish to report to the police.

Do you think I should report to the police?

Everyone has different experiences which will impact whether they want to report to the police or not. Only you can make that decision and we will support you whatever choice you make. There is no pressure for you to report and we can arrange informal meetings with the police to ensure you understand exactly what would happen if you do.

What happens if I know one of the staff at Willow House?

We understand Guernsey is small and that you might know some of our team. The team will be very happy to support you, even if we know you but we will give you the choice to be supported by
someone else. We will be led by you.